Church Documents

Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life)
Encyclical by Pope John Paul II on the good news of life

Humanae Vitae (Of Human Life)
Encyclical by Pope Paul VI on the regulation of birth

Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth)
Encyclical by Pope John Paul II on the splendor of truth

Donum Vitae (The Gift of Life)
Instruction on respect for human life and the dignity of procreation

Salvifici Doloris (On Salvific Suffering)
Apostolic Letter by Pope John Paul II on the Christian meaning of suffering

Pastoral Plan for Pro-life Activities
US Bishops plan for pro-life activities in our dioceses

Living the Gospel of Life
A challenge from the US Bishops to American Catholics to live the Gospel of life

Declaration on procured abortion
Church teaching on procured abortion

Statement on the "morning after pill"
Vatican statement on the abortive effect of the morning after pill

Declaration on the Use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Vatican declaration on the use of human embryonic stem cells

Declaration on Euthanasia
The Church's teaching on euthanasia and assisted suicide

Respect for the Dignity of the Dying
Pontifical Academy for Life statement on respect for the dying

Nutrition and Hydration
Moral and pastoral reflections on medically-assisted nutrition and hydration

Statement on Euthanasia
US Bishops' statement on euthanasia

Reflections on Human Cloning
Pontifical Academy for Life reflections on cloning

The Death Penalty
Church teaching on capital punishment

Efforts to end the death penalty
US Conference of Catholic Bishops' efforts to end the death penalty

Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services
US Bishops' directives for Catholic health care