Wineskins is an award winning weekly half-hour radio program conceived and produced by the Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown, airing every Sunday over:

WKBN-AM 570 Youngstown at 7:30am

WILB-AM 1060 Canton at 9:30am & 9:00pm

WILB-FM 89.5 Youngstown at 9:30am & 9:00pm

WILB-FM 94.5 Canton at 9:30am & 9:00pm

WRQX-AM 600 Salem at 7:30am

Wineskins addresses real issues in today’s world and church while sharing faith and information.  Its objective is to strengthen the faith of listeners, to catch the attention of unchurched listeners and to deepen the understanding of the churched listeners.  It seeks to accomplish these objectives by providing a blend of information, inspiration, opinion and music assembled in a magazine format.  Since its beginning in August of 1981 Wineskins has won many awards with its format featuring:

 Current Issues • Saint • Interviews • Music • Scriptures