• on July 2, 2019

Bishop George V. Murry, S. J. Health Update

The leukemia Bishop George Murry suffered from last year has returned.  It is not as intense as last year, but it needs attention.

Bishop Murry will enter the Cleveland Clinic on Wednesday, July 3rd for a 28-day program of chemotherapy.  The goal will be to prepare him for a bone marrow transplant in September, which his doctors believe is the best way to prevent another occurrence of the cancer.

During his time in the hospital, Msgr. Siffrin, Msgr. Polando, Msgr. Zuraw and Fr. Jerek will meet with him weekly to discuss diocesan matters.

The Bishop humbly asks that the people of the diocese pray for him and promises his prayers in return. If you would like to submit a message or offer up a prayer request for Bishop Murry, you can submit them via email to prayerrequests@youngstowndiocese.org.  The Diocese will collect them all and deliver them to Bishop Murry.

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