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Please feel free to add details of dates and names specific to your location.

The Propagation of the Faith and Missions Office is pleased to announce that missionaries from around the world are sending a missionary to each one of our parishes during the months of June, July or August this summer.

20 different missionary groups, from Dominicans to Franciscans and many others, visiting from Capetown in South Africa to Patagonia in South America and even the Middle East – will share with our local parishioners the joys and challenges of evangelizing in lands where the name of Jesus Christ is not yet known, or if it is known it is often suppressed by rebels, unfriendly government or by hostile mobs. These hazards, coupled with poverty, disease and illiteracy make the grass roots evangelization an urgent need.  

Each of our parish pastors schedules and welcomes a visiting priest, deacon, sister or layperson to their parish. Please watch your parish weekly bulletin for the Good News of the missionary coming soon to your parish. We always enjoy their presentations, prayers and opportunities to share in their mission. Please remember that when it comes to missions, Some give by going, others go by giving! Please be generous.

Learn more about the Office of Propagation of the Faith and Missions.

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