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Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer provides direction and oversight of the compliance program. The compliance officer is responsible for identifying and assessing areas of compliance risk; communicating the importance of the compliance program to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO); establishing and distributing a written Compliance Standards Manual setting forth the ethical principles and policies which are the basis of the compliance program; developing and implementing education programs to review the standards; implementing a retaliation-free internal reporting process, including an anonymous telephone reporting system (i.e. Whistleblower Policy); and collaborating with the CFO to effectively incorporate the compliance program within system operations and programs and to carry out the responsibilities of the position.

Principal Duties

  • Oversee, coordinate, and monitor the day-to-day compliance activities of the organization
  • Develop and coordinate appropriate compliance training and education programs for all employees; ensure that employees understand the Diocese’s commitment to comply with all laws, regulations, Diocesan policies, and ethical requirements; assess the need for additional training and education and develop appropriate compliance programs
  • Develop, coordinate, and/or oversee internal and external audit procedures for the purpose of monitoring and detecting any misconduct or noncompliance; if any misconduct or noncompliance is detected, recommend a solution and follow up to ensure that the noncompliance is resolved
  • Formalize and monitor a system to enable employees to report any noncompliance without fear of retribution, ensuring that the reporting system is adequately publicized and that allegations of noncompliance are investigated and responded to promptly.
  • In consultation with the human resources department, help ensure that there is a mechanism in place for disciplining instances of noncompliance (including the failure to prevent, detect, or report any noncompliance), appropriate to the nature and extent of the deviation and ensure consistency in the application of disciplinary action

Job Specifications: Education and Experience

  • Juris Doctor degree preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in legal studies, finance, business administration or related field
  • Experience in dealing with risk management and compliance issues
  • Familiarity with compliance best practices and professional standards
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong influencing skills and perseverance in investigating
  • Background clearances and completion of Safe Environment Policy training required

Please submit cover letter and resume to on or before Friday, July 15th, 2022.

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