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Job Summary: The director for Catholic identity will be charged with enacting the bishop’s vision for strengthening Catholic identity in Catholic elementary schools.

Principal Duties:

The director will refine the vision, plan, and implement a sustainable process for supporting schools and their leaders in the delivery of irresistibly Catholic formation and education. The strategies designed will advance schools toward speaking effectively and behaving convincingly so that members of the school community may receive the gift of salvation. The director will build enthusiasm, consensus, and support for the vision and plan implementation among key constituents. The director will provide the tools, training, and resources necessary to bring the plan to life and sustain the expected outcomes. The director will regularly assess the results at individual school levels, make recommendations for improvements as necessary, and report results to the secretary of catechetical formation and to the office of Catholic education.


The director is a leader of leaders, whose responsibilities to the diocese include:

  • Strengthen the systems of the Diocese of Cleveland for supporting vibrant Catholic identity in all of its Catholic The components of the systems include, but are not limited to:
    • Catholic school leadership formation-training and support of school principals, presidents, pastors and other leaders to provide for their own formation, support them in their formation of those they lead, and bolster their creating and sustaining of Catholic school culture.
    • Faculty and staff formation- continuing professional education and certification in Catholic faith, teaching, traditions, discipleship, and symbols and sacraments.
    • Catholic curriculum – faithful and rigorous religion curriculum and instruction, as well as complementary guidance for the other academic subject areas (e.g. Catholic authors for literature, Catholic teaching related to historical events, etc.)
    • Catholic formation – establishing and communicating expectations for worship and sacraments, retreat programs for students and staff, Catholic speakers, and other opportunities for non-academic faith formation; including parent programming and communications for topics of Catholic faith and teaching.
    • Catholic school culture – establishing norms and increasing understanding, creating activities, developing experiences, and promoting visible signs.
    • Catholic ministry on campus – develop programming and support schools in implementation for ministry activities, extracurricular activity (clubs, community service and engagement, mission trips, pilgrimages, March for Life, etc.) and culture and community connections (celebration of saints/patrons, parent & family programming)


  • Create and build enthusiasm and support for the vision and plan with all key Provide the tools, training, and resources necessary to achieve the vision.
  • Facilitate the assessment of Catholic identity and culture in diocesan schools to continuously measure results on a scheduled basis.
  • Create, develop, and lead a Catholic Identity advisory team to assist with strategies for coaching and development, annual reviews, staff and parent engagement, increasing passion for the faith and sustaining the joy of the Gospel.
  • Collaborate with the team members of the Secretariat for Catechetical Formation, Office of Catholic Education, and the Office for Evangelization, to include participating in leadership meetings and activities.
  • Create and nurture meaningful and productive relationships with pastors, principals, presidents, and other associated groups toward achieving and sustaining the vision for Catholic identity in the schools.
  • Support the setting and monitoring of performance goals for schools and school leadership related to Catholic identity and culture in diocesan schools.
  • Respond in a thorough and professional manner and successfully accomplish all other duties assigned by the Secretary.





  1. Evidence of a strong and visible commitment to the values, mission, ministry, and evangelization commission of the Catholic Church. Must be a practicing Catholic in full communion with the Church with demonstrated knowledge of the Catholic Church, Catholic education, and Catholic teachings and traditions. Speech and behaviors that demonstrate a commitment to serving the Lord with gladness.
  2. Advanced degree in Catholic theology or equivalent.
  3. Knowledge, Understanding and support of Theology of the Body.
  4. At least five years of leadership and instructional experience in Catholic education or formation required.
  5. Practical experience in catechesis and evangelization
  6. Outstanding communications skills; ability to write and speak effectively to create a reputation for excellence and a passion for Catholic identity.
  7. Demonstrated engaging, faith-filled leader with the ability to formulate and articulate a strong and comprehensive vision for Catholic formation and education; with the ability to build consensus, buy-in, and enthusiasm among key constituents; and with the ability to translate the vision into practical and meaningful execution and sustainability.
  8. Demonstrated success in building the capacity of other leaders, whether through coaching, training, modeling, or other forms of servant leadership and evangelization.
  9. Self-motivated change agent who can productively operate without daily Must be well-organized, thoughtful, forward-thinking, and consistently demonstrate strong attention to details and to people, applying best practices in evangelization, motivation, and leadership.
  10. Sophisticated discernment in the handling of sensitive, complex, confidential and critical situations and information.
  11. Reliable transportation to travel to various locations throughout the diocese.



FOR CONSIDERATION: Please submit cover letter, resume, and completed Diocese of Cleveland Employment Application to In the subject line please enter “Director of Catholic Identity: Candidate Application Materials.” Position will remain open until filled. Formal review process of all complete submitted materials to identify candidates for interview will begin on November 28, 2022.


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