How to Write a Parish Bulletin Announcement -NEW

As editor of the Communique, Meagen Farrell has given the following advice when someone asks how to write for parish bulletins. This advice can also apply to developing content for social media, email newsletters, blog posts and other publicity. You can write blurbs of any length, but shorter is often better. Here is the most essential content:

  • Title
  • Couple sentences with your ask/info/reflection
  • Dates/deadlines (if any)
  • “For more info contact…” (ex. website, phone number and/or email)
  • Note in italics (optional): Tell editors recommended date(s) to run the bulletin blurb. 
  • Image (optional): Encourage parishes to use a logo or small image to go with the blurb.


To see the whole article, including how to take your bulletin blurb to the next level, see:


Questions? Contact Meagen Farrell, Communications Manager, at or (330) 744-8451 x275.

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