Director of Music Ministry – St. John Vianney Parish, Mentor

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SUMMARY POSITION DESCRIPTION:  The Parish and School have enjoyed outstanding music and cantor/choirs and expect the same experience with the person chosen to fill this position. The Music Director is responsible for ensuring that the music ministry meets the guidelines of the Catholic Church and the needs of the Parish and for developing the music ministry at the Parish and School.

MINISTRY: The Director of Music Ministry is expected, through well-planned liturgies and personal interactions, to lead people closer to God. This full-time position reports to the Pastor.  The Director is a member of the pastoral (ministerial) staff and, as such, the Director must be in full communion with the Catholic Church and follow its religious teachings.  The Director must be knowledgeable about, and stay current with, church documents relating to liturgy and liturgical music and to continue formation as one of the pastoral ministers.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Director of Music Ministry is to:

  1. Collaborate with the Pastor and Pastoral Staff to create and implement a liturgical vision for the Parish and the School.
  • Coordinate the music for all liturgies, and to work with the persons designated by the Pastor, to develop the liturgies for both the Parish and the School. The Parish and School liturgies shall employ a diversity of styles and types of music reflective of the diversity in the Parish and the School including but not limited to contemporary and traditional music.
  • The Music Director is to lead the music during all the weekend liturgies except when on vacation or when otherwise approved by the Pastor in advance (the Music Director will arrange for coverage in these instances). The Music Director is responsible for assigning musicians and choirs/cantors at all liturgies, and will be singing, accompanying, or directing at least three (3) Sunday/Vigil Masses per weekend.  The Music Director is to ensure that all liturgies are adequately covered with musicians and cantors and to be on call in the event there are any last-minute issues (e.g., illness of musician or cantor).
  • The Music Director is responsible for the same activities as relates to school liturgies. 
  • On some holy days (e.g., Christmas, Easter), the Parish has Mass at Lake Catholic High School and at the Parish at the same time. The Music Director is responsible for planning the music liturgies and ensuring appropriate music at Lake Catholic Masses and will discuss with the Pastor or his designee where he/she should be physically located for the conflicting Mass times.
  • The Parish has Masses on holidays such as Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day and Thanksgiving, and on other special occasions such as Catholic School Week, graduation, the Blue Mass, and the White Mass. Some are held outside.  The Music Director will be responsible for the music liturgies for these Masses.
  • Schedule all musicians, cantors, choirs for liturgies sufficiently in advance to allow them to prepare for the liturgy.
  • Recommend liturgy books for use by parishioners (e.g., Breaking Bread, Today’s Missal) and other traditional or electronic resources; work with business office to order materials once approved by Pastor and finance/business office.
  • Direct, accompany and/or cantor at weddings, funerals, and special liturgies.
  • Together with the Pastor, the Music Director will develop policies governing wedding, funerals, or other special liturgies in which the family or parties may arrange for their own musicians.
  • If the family arranges for their own musician for wedding or funerals, the Music Director will assist the guest musicians and provide them with the Parish policies.  The Director will not be entitled to any additional remuneration from the Parish for these liturgies.
  • The Director shall be entitled to keep any stipends paid directly by families for weddings or funerals or other special liturgies requested by third parties.
  • Work with organists, pianist, accompanists, and other musicians to advance liturgical music at the Parish and the School. 
  • Recruit musicians (preferably from the Parish) to participate in the liturgies and arrange for rehearsal times.
  • Working with business office, arrange for appropriate care of the parish and school musical instruments, including tuning when appropriate.
  • Recruit, train, develop and mentor the various choirs and cantor programs: 
  • At a minimum, the Director is to recruit, train and develop the adult choir (SATB); children’s choir(s), funeral choir(s) and cantors to sing at special events (e.g., XLT, Confirmation Mass, First Communion Mass, Parish Missions). 
  • Prior to the pandemic, the parish had a handbell choir; the Parish would like to re-establish that choir when possible.
  • This responsibility includes scheduling and leading regular rehearsals.
  • Maintain the Parish audio systems used for liturgical celebrations, including its livestreaming services. 
  • Develop special music programs (e.g., Christmas concert, children’s choral festivals).
  • Maintain a current inventory of music and instruments at the Parish and School; expand the music library for both the choirs and the musicians.

•   The music library is to be maintained in an orderly fashion with a suitable number of copies of musical pieces to enable performance of those pieces by the choirs or ensembles. 

•   Working with the finance/business office, obtain copyright permissions and licenses as needed.

•   Provide a copy of the inventory to the Pastor and provide an updated copy of the inventory semi-annual or as otherwise requested by the business office or Pastor. 

  • Use computer skills to develop Mass plans, programs, booklets and liturgy calendars.

10.       Work with the finance/business office to prepare budgets, track expenses and provide such other information as may be requested; comply with Diocese policies and guidelines.

11.       Attend Staff, Liturgy Committee and Celebrating Commission meetings and other meetings as requested by the Pastor or his designee. 

12.       Prepare content for Parish and School communication tools such as the bulletin, Flocknotes or other platforms and undertake other duties as assigned by the Pastor


The current Mass schedule, which is subject to change, is:

Saturday Vigil – 4:00 pm

Sunday – 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 and noon (beginning in July).  The 10:30 Mass may be held outside. 


Excellent musical skills, including ability to play piano and/or organ

Ability to sing well and to lead the people in singing, including teaching the parishioners new songs

Demonstrated ability to recruit, lead, and train choirs of adults and children.

Excellent people/interpersonal skills and ability to work with a team.

Proficient computer skills as relates to music and liturgy (e.g., ability to schedule music electronically).

Ability to understand financial aspects of the position, including budgets and music licenses


Minimum requirement:  Bachelor’s Degree in Music, preferably with a focus on performance, liturgy, and choir direction; will consider those with advanced degrees. At least 5 years of experience working with musicians and choirs preferred.


Compensation commensurate with degree and experience

Diocesan Health Benefits and Pension

Continuing Education Allowance for development in this position

Other requirements:  Must have Virtus certification.

A committee will interview the candidates and will expect examples of the candidate’s musical skills, as demonstrated initially by live recordings (please include links with your CV), Finalists will be expected to participate in one or more weekend liturgies as the musician/cantor for evaluation. 

Please send your CV, with musical links to Fr. Marty Dober at:

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