Profile of a Catholic School Graduate in the Diocese of Youngstown

  1. A person who possesses a wholesome self-image…
    • Recognizes, develops, and respects the God-given talents in one’s self and others;
    • Utilizes self-discipline and assumes personal responsibility for one’s own attitudes and behavior;
    • Exhibits leadership skills formed by integrity;
    • Engages in respectful relationships and collaborates with others for the common good;
    • Possesses self-confidence and a healthy sense of humor;
    • Perseveres and is resilient when encountering challenges;
    • Understands and appreciates diversity;
    • Embraces habits of healthful living.
  2. A person who assumes personal responsibility for lifelong learning…
    • Exhibits a work ethic, self-discipline and persistence to pursue goals;
    • Uses logical reasoning to draw conclusions;
    • Applies critical thinking and problem-solving skills to real life experiences;
    • Uses imagination freely to generate new ideas and to anticipate and plan for the future;
    • Acts as a respectful, contributing, flexible, effective member of a collaborative team;
    • Demonstrates proficiency and clarity in oral and written communication in a variety of disciplines;
    • Demonstrates skills of scientific inquiry, math competency, information, media and technology literacy;
    • Appreciates aesthetic value in art, music, and literature;
    • Is knowledgeable of a broad range of disciplines including the humanities, world languages, and the social sciences.
  3. A person of faith who loves and commits to Christ…
    • Enjoys a meaningful prayer life and understanding of the Catholic faith
    • Makes decisions with a formed Christian conscience based on Gospel values and the moral teachings of the Catholic Church;
    • Appreciates and respects the beauty, value and goodness of all creation;
    • Exhibits attitudes of justice, compassion, forgiveness, concern and respect for others;
  4. A person who participates in the Church and society…
    • Develops a life of faith and relationship with God through ongoing study, prayer and participation in the sacramental and community life of the Church;
    • Recognizes and responds to the movement of the Holy Spirit in his/her life and discerns a particular Christian vocation in the world;
    • Exhibits a sense of responsibility, stewardship and commitment to economic justice, multicultural diversity, and protection and care for the environment;
    • Lives for the service of others, making informed judgments and decisions and acting in accordance with the principles of Catholic social teaching and our democratic society;
    • Respects life in all its forms and at all its stages;
    • Engages in critical reflection and application of Church teaching to the unique moral and ethical challenges of our global community.