Think of Algodoo as a way for both teachers and students to create, share, and remix interactives, virtual experiments, lessons, and demos that build conceptual understanding of physics.


Create wonderful looking slideshows that includes, video, images, music, and more. Not Free.

Boom Writer

Engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they’ve never done before.


Canva makes design EASY! With ready-made templates in a host of different sizes, students can create presentations, infographics, images for blog posts, brochures, postcards, collages, and more! These designs can easily be downloaded as .png or .pdf files that can be added to other projects, websites, and easily turned in through Google Classroom.


Create custom animations with an educational portal.


Create collaborative and interactive posters in this safe environment. Very popular. Not free.


An excellent way to create interactive multimedia educational activities.

Google Apps for Education

Does it really get much better than this?

Google Drawings

Google Drawings is an image creation tool, but because it is also collaborative and can remain in an editing phase, it also becomes ideal for interactive lessons. Really, the sky’s the limit with this tool!


Create a safe environment for students to blog in. Everything is controlled by the teacher as a moderator. Not free.

Little Bird Tales

Free site for digital storytelling that allows kids to record & narrate their story. Not free.

Live Binders

Excellent site for creating an online binder to collect and share resources.


PicMonkey is great for creating images that need a transparent background, and they also have lots of fun, seasonal backgrounds, and special effects. Students can create any size image, collage, or poster they want. Not free.


Great way to motivate students by creating digital stories using this comic creator.


A way to visually present ideas in graphic organizer form, with pictures or with videos and links. Requires flash on computers.


Inspire students to read & write through the use of digital storytelling.


Digital storytelling where students can use their own art, publish online, share with others or order a print copy.