Office of Evangelization

The primary purpose of the Office of Evangelization is to assist the parishes of our diocese in the cause and effort of evangelization. It is our goal as a diocese through the Office of Evangelization to assist parishes in proclaiming to all people the love, compassion, hope and promise of Jesus Christ as preserved and proclaimed in the Gospel, an experience and message so eagerly sought by many. It is also our goal to deepen and strengthen the faith of our Catholic people in their weekly quest to live as Jesus calls us to in service to all. The Office of Evangelization will do all in its power to assist parishes in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ in such a way that many will be drawn to Him and His Church.

Download the Diocese of Youngstown Pastoral Plan for Evangelization, “Trusting in Christ: A Call to Discipleship.”

Pastoral Plan Implementation Report – Pentecost 2017

Parish Leader Information

What is a Parish Leader?  Why do we need them?  A Parish Leader is a professional minister appointed by the bishop with the responsibility of leading a parish community that does not have a resident priest.  A priest will be assigned as canonical pastor and for sacramental celebrations at the parish.  In response to the Pastoral Plan for Evangelization, the Diocese of Youngstown is training 14 individuals (deacons, religious, and laity) who will be available to serve as Parish Leaders.  This is one way the diocese is addressing the reality of fewer priests. It is an opportunity for faith filled men and women to use their gifts of leadership and administration, allowing priests to focus on the sacramental and pastoral care of the faithful. Click on the links below for more information:

New Evangelization…

Where yesterday and tomorrow meet.

What are we doing to deepen our faith?

New Evangelization calls us to ask these questions of ourselves:

• What are we doing for this many who attend church this week?
• What are we doing for those who only come occasionally?
• What are we doing for those who love God but do not attend mass?
• What are we doing for our youth and young adults?
• What are we doing to bring back those who have lost interest or been alienated from the church?

Evangelization: ‘Where yesterday and tomorrow meet’ (updated)

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Pete Schafer
144West Wood Street
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