Parish History

St. Andrew Church was built on the foundation of an independent Catholic Church. In the early 1930’s Polish immigrants settled in and around Sheffield Township. A polish National Priest contacted Polish families in forming a church. Fundraisers and donations helped buy the property for the church. In July of 1935 an old Baptist church building was bought for $125.00. The church was renovated and named All Saints Church . On March 15, 1936 All Saints Church was formally accepted into the Cleveland Diocese under pastor Father Augustine Binna who served from 1934-1937.

Fr. Edwin Osowski 1937-1940 and Fr. Ignatius Piotrowski 1940-1944. Masses were said in Polish. The church was renamed St. Andrew Bobola after a Polish Martyr. The following year on the feast day of St. Andrew Bobola, May 16, auxillary Bishop James A. McFadden offered a pontifical Mass for the people of St. Andrew Church. A social hall and rectory was constructed by Father Elias in 1944. Both were built by volunteer work of parishioners. Father W. Yurko succeeded Father J.Elias in 1962. Father Snock came in 1965 and the old wooden church was burned on the site the evening of the Ascension during a rain storm. A new church was under construction designed by architect Leonard Friedman and built by Burns Construction in Jefferson. A 15 foot cross built by parishioners hangs behind the main altar. The corpus was imported from Spain as were the wood carvings of the Station of the Cross. The new church is connected by a breezeway to the parish hall . Mass was offered for the first time in December of 1965 by Father Snock, Yurko and Adamko. The church was dedicated by Bishop James Malone in May of 1966. Father J. Malik served from 1967-1970. . Father J. Bennett 1970-1972, Father J.Beller 1972-1984, Father S. Kaminski 1984-1987, Father R. Novotny 1987, Father N.Willis 1987-2002,Father S.Wassie 2002-2011, Father C. Poore 2011-2013, Father J. Sheridan 2013-2017 and Our present pastor is Father J. Ettinger


3700 State Route 193
Kingsville, Ohio 44048

Contact Information:

Phone: 440.224.0987

Mass Times:

Sunday: 9:00am
Holy Days: 9:00am
Weekdays: Wed, Fri & Sat 9:30am
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturday 9:00am-9:10am 10:00am-10:30am

Rev. John Ettinger, Pastor