• on May 16, 2018

Prayer Requests for Bishop Murry

If you would like to submit a message or offer up a prayer request for Bishop Murry, you can submit them via email to prayerrequests@youngstowndiocese.org.  The Diocese will collect them all and deliver them to Bishop Murry.  Thank you for your continued prayers as he continues his treatments for acute leukemia.


  1. Dear Bishop Murry – We want to let you know how fervently the Walsh University community is praying for you. You are being lifted up at every liturgy on campus, as well as by many student groups and other organizations. The LORD is with you, and only He knows the depths of what you’re experiencing. God bless you!

  2. Bishop Murry, I was quite disheartened when I learned of your leukemia. Having survived prostate cancer and lymphoma, I can appreciate your situation and am praying for you. Tom Cima

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