• on January 14, 2019

St. Louis School, Louisville

Bishop George V. Murry, S.J., Bishop of Youngstown, has accepted the recommendation of the Administrator of St. Louis Parish, Rev. Robert Miller, the St. Louis Finance Committee, and the Office of Catholic Schools that St. Louis School close at the end of the current school year.

Declining enrollment is cited as the primary reason for closure. Originally slated to close in 2014, the parish appealed to keep the school operating as a Pre-K to Grade 5 school. The school currently serves 26 students in grades K-5 and 27 students in preschool. Despite intensive marketing efforts by the school in conjunction with Holy Cross Catholic Schools and the commitment of the Parish for the past 5 years, enrollment has declined.

Ms. Mary Fiala, Superintendent of Schools, stated that families at St. Louis School will have the option to transition their students to neighboring Catholic schools. Students will continue to receive an excellent education through the end of the school year, and the legacy and traditions of the school will be celebrated.

Rev. Robert Miller regrets the decision to close the school, but “I commend all the hard work of our staff, teachers, benefactors, and previous parish leadership. I am grateful to the generosity of many that have contributed to the legacy of St. Louis School.”

Catholic education has been a long and important tradition in the St. Louis Parish Family and in the local community. The school was established in 1852. “The school has taught so many about God’s presence and how to respond to our mission to be stewards of this world that he has provided for us,” Father Miller stated. The parish is proud of the many church vocations, both men and women that have come from the parish school. Father Miller himself is an alumnus of the school. The school’s many students have been successful in life, and are grateful for the opportunities they have received because of their Catholic education. Grateful acknowledgment goes to the many religious and lay men and women who have served the community over these many years.

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