Michael Silveus

Cathedral of St. Columba, Youngstown
II Theology

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Age:  62

Home City: Washington, DC

Home Parish:  St. Columba, Youngstown

Education Experience: 

Wawasee H.S., Syracuse, IN
Indiana University
Indiana University School of Dentistry
Loyola University Chicago
Harvard University

Work Experience: 

Private Dental Practice, Washington, D.C.
Professor, Georgetown University School of Dentistry, Washington, D.C.
Seminarian, The Society of Jesus, (The Jesuits)
Professor, University of Detroit – Mercy
Assistant to the President, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (Founding)
Vice President, Academy for Academic Leadership

Favorite Saint(s):

St. Jean de Brebeuf.  I have found St. Jean de Brebeuf interesting because he left the safety and comfort of a middle-class family in France and sailed across the ocean to live and work in the wilds of New France to bring God’s Good Word to unknown people.  He was gifted at learning the native language of the Huron peoples and spoke to them on their own terms using their own words, bring many of them to understand and embrace Christianity.  He was maimed by other tribes and sent back to France.  But after recuperating in the comforts of Normandy, he returned to “his people” and was eventually martyred by the Huron’s enemies, the Iroquois.


In my free time I row crew, travel, eat with friends, and read.

Family Background:

I grew up on a lake in North East Indiana.  My mother was a teacher and my father owned a Chevrolet and Pontiac Dealership.  My Dad is in his upper 80s and is in great health, my Mother passed away a number of years ago.  I have two sisters, one who is married and lives in Ft. Myers, Florida, the other is also married but lives in Cairo, Egypt.  I have six nieces and nephews.

What led you to consider the priesthood:

I first felt an attraction to the priesthood when I was an alter server as a boy.  After I graduated from Dental School, I next felt an attraction to “explore religious life” and entered the Jesuits (The Society of Jesus) for eight wonderful years.  I left the Jesuits to fall in love, which I did a few years later.  Finally, two years ago, on an Ignatian retreat, I felt an invitation to serve God and his people as an ordained parish priest.

 Favorite thing about Seminary Life:

The great opportunity to pray, study God, and make good friends who are focused on Christ.

 Advice for guys considering Priesthood:

Make time to pray not only about priesthood but also about how God works in your life.  Listen to your heart, talk to your priest or a close friend and be patient.  God only wants the best for you.  Each vocation in unique.  Some guys are called to marriage, others to single life, and others to the priesthood or religious life.  Most of the guys called to priesthood join while they are young.  But others are called later in life.  I am blessed that the Diocese sent me to John XXIII seminary because I’m a “second career” vocation.  John XXIII is a “second career” seminary, so it is wonderful studying with other men who had a more “unconventional” vocational path, feeling a call to serve as a seminarian after completing careers, marriage, and having adult children.  God works in many different ways.  Listen to your heart for what he wants for you.