Brother Dominic Calabro, SSP

Society of Saint Paul

“Hey Brother, You’ve got a quick whistle! Hey Brother, that ball was too low for a strike!” These were just two of many comments said to me during my time as a basketball and baseball official in the parish where I served.

Even though this was a hobby of mine, I saw sports as one opportunity to give witness to the brotherhood and religious life. Besides “game talk” I was often asked, “So then, who is a brother? What do you do?” These occasions would occur at the oddest times, such as a “one minute time out” or between innings.”

A brother is called to meet the needs of the Church in a variety of ministries as a vowed member of a religious congregation by professing the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. My ministry as a Pauline Brother is to bring Christ, the Divine Master to the world through the modern means of communications: the press, radio, television, the internet and much more – even from the basket ball court or the baseball field.

Fr. Vincent T. Freeh, MSC

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

In Latin, the word for “priest” is “sacerdos.” It means someone who is occupied with making life and all things sacred. For us, the word priest certainly includes “making sacred” in matters that pertain to the altar itself, but rarely is it inclusive of the world for which the altar exists!

I was drawn to the priesthood by a desire to make the world a better place. That will not happen unless and until we again accept the primacy of worship and the imperative of love as essential in the critical business of conducting human affairs. In my heart and mind, I know that today there is nothing more essential or demanding than being a priest at the altar and in a world increasingly materialistic and profane. I was drawn to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, because the Founder, Fr. Jules Chevalier, saw the relationship between worship and mission, bonded in love.