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About Our Website

A Digital Transformation

The Diocese of Youngstown is in the midst of a digital transformation, inspired by Bishop Bonnar’s letter “Testify to the Light.” In that letter, Communications is one of the priorities Bishop Bonnar names for our diocesan Church in living missionary discipleship, along with Prayer, Healing, Service, and Joyful Witness.

This current website is a temporary design, responding to an immediate need for increased stability and functionality. We continue to restore previous functionality and develop new features: if you do not see a needed resource, please contact the relevant diocesan office. This new platform also provides a foundation for additional re-designing and visioning in 2022 and beyond.

Along with our website, Bishop Bonnar’s pastoral letter has inspired a new approach to the diocese’s social media as the “front door of the Church” and an integrated approach to our diocesan communications and media, building upon the 75-year history of The Catholic Exponent (our diocesan newspaper) and the 40-year history of the Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown.