Rhoda Wise

Canton Woman, Servant of God

They Might Be Saints: Rhoda Wise Showcase

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Rhoda Wise was a woman of faith who became interested in Catholicism and the Rosary during a prolonged hospital stay for multiple injuries and cancer. Bishop McFadden confirmed her in Mercy Hospital, Canton, Ohio in March 1939. Her devotion to the Rosary, the Sacred Heart, and the Little Flower continues to inspire thousands. 

In May 1939, Rhoda Wise was declared incurable and discharged from the hospital. Despite her pain, she took comfort in daily prayer and devotion. Soon after, she began experiencing visions of Jesus and St. Therese (the “Little Flower”), as well as healing in the midst of her suffering. 

During her life, she accompanied others in their suffering, and many would gather at her house. Since her death in 1948, her home has become a site of prayer and pilgrimage. In 2017, Bishop Murry of the Diocese of Youngstown declared Rhoda Wise a Servant of God, starting the canonization process. The Vatican’s Congregation of Saints is investigating her cause for beatification and sainthood. You can support her cause by praying for her beatification while asking God for your own prayer intentions.

The Rhoda Wise Shrine has become so popular that they ask visitors to contact them to schedule a day & time to visit.

Outside, the Grotto of the Sacred Heart and Little Flower is open for prayer from 8am to dusk.

Location: 2337 25th Street NE, Canton, Ohio 44705

Prayer for the Beatification of Rhoda Wise

Photo is the property of the Rhoda Wise House & Grotto, used with permission.

Heavenly Father, the love of your Crucified Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, sustained the Servant of God, Rhoda Wise, in her many sufferings and made her by grace a strong woman of Faith.

She led others to the Sacred Heart of your Son, Jesus.

She devoutly promoted daily recitation of the Most Holy Rosary.

Prayers were answered. Faith was strengthened.

May her beatification come quickly as we ask for her intercession in this need…

Pause and add your intentions.

We ask this through the Heart of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord. Amen

Imprimatur: +George V. Murry, S.J., Bishop of Youngstown, May 12, 2017

Encountering Rhoda Wise, Servant of God

WALKING BY FAITH TOGETHER | The Catholic Exponent | July 21, 2022

Bishop of Youngstown

“I was briefed on Rhoda Wise shortly upon my ordination and installation as bishop. On July 7, 2021, it was my honor to celebrate Holy Mass in her home parish of St. Peter, Canton, on the anniversary of her death. …

“The visions that Rhoda experienced inspired her to offer herself as a victim to save the souls of others – most especially priests and members of religious orders. One of those healed, interestingly enough, was a woman by the name of Rita Rizzo, a Canton teenager who later became Mother Angelica. Many others gave credit to Rhoda Wise for their cures.”

Bishop Bonnar

Homily | Mass for the Cause of Rhoda Wise


Bishop of Youngstown

“We are here tonight to acknowledge once again God’s call to the Servant of God, Rhoda Wise and to celebrate her response.  It is interesting how God’s call often occurs in the ordinariness of life through prayer, events, and people.  It is also not uncommon for this call to manifest itself through a consolation or a desolation of some kind.  When we look at the life of Rhoda Wise, we know that she suffered much, but in that suffering, God spoke to her heart.”

Excerpt from Bishop Bonnar’s July 7, 2022 homily for the Mass for the Cause of Servant of God Rhoda Wise at St. Peter Church in Canton, Ohio.

"One things we can improve and revive is our relationship with Jesus by renewing our devotion, reverence, and respect for him in the Holy Eucharist." The Most Rev. David Bonnar, Bishop of Youngstown, July 7, 2022

Diocesan Phase of the Cause for Rhoda Wise's Canonization

Photos of Rhoda Wise and the Diocesan Masses are exclusive property of the Rhoda Wise House & Grotto, used with permission.

October 7, 2016 Mass to Open the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of Rhoda Wise at St. Peter's, Canton, Ohio
July 7, 2018 Closing Mass for Diocesan phase of Rhoda's Cause at St. Peter's, Canton, Ohio
Copyists sealing boxes of documents from the Diocesan Investigation to send to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
Sealed boxes containing the documents from the Diocesan investigation into the Cause for Rhoda Wise
Sealed boxes containing the documents from the Diocesan investigation into the Cause for Rhoda Wise

Bishop David Bonnar Visits the Rhoda Wise House

Michelle Kirsch gives Bishop David Bonnar a tour of Rhoda Wise House, July 21, 2022
Bishop David Bonnar, Karen Sigler, and Michelle Kirsch at Rhoda Wise House, July 21, 2022