Safe Environment

Safe Environment Coordinator/Victim Assistance Coordinator
El Coordinador de Ambiente Seguro/El Coordinator de Asistencia a las Victimas

Dominic Colucy
Office:  330.744.8451  x293
Fax: 330.744.5099

To report child abuse or to seek victim’s assistance, call the Diocesan Response Line 330.718.1388

The Diocese of Youngstown is committed to creating a safe environment in all of our parishes, schools, charities and affiliated Catholic organizations. While sadly there are always individuals who try to take advantage of others, we aim to prevent and respond to abuse by holding all staff and volunteers accountable to our ministerial standards of integrity. The Office of Safe Environment promotes safety, healing and justice by coordinating compliance with training and background checks of staff and volunteers at all diocesan entities, investigating claims of abuse, and providing assistance to victims.

Compliance Requirements

VIRTUS works closely with a team of victim-survivors and victim assistance coordinators to evaluate and revise both the content and delivery of training. To be clear, any content that addresses child sexual abuse and other types of abuse can be disturbing and challenging to experience for anyone, but especially for victim-survivors of child sexual abuse. Victim-Survivors consistently communicate a wide range of reactions to the training. While VIRTUS has worked diligently in partnership with survivors to remove as many potential triggers as possible while retaining elements in the content necessary to inform and empower prevention and response efforts, a person who has experienced abuse may experience heightened reactions to the program’s content. 
We encourage victim-survivors to carefully consider whether the individual online training modules might be more or less triggering, and to reach out to the diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator to confidentially discuss concerns and potentially explore other training options in advance. We are committed to collaborating with victim-survivors to provide alternative training options. While safe environment training is helpful and required, it should not be a source of additional harm to a victim-survivor.  Our goal is to create safer environments for everyone.  For more information, please visit



Contains Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Sexual Harassment Policy.



Diocesan Review Board
List of Clergy Credibly Accused

Reporting Resources


Acknowledge Revised and Amended Safe Environment Policy

Please review and acknowledge the new diocesan Safe Environment policies available for download in English and Spanish through your VIRTUS account. Visit VIRTUS to log in and complete the acknowledgement. For assistance, contact Dominic Colucy at or visit the Safe Environment Page.

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