Safe Environment: Compliance Requirements

Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal

VIRTUS Account Creation and VIRTUS Training

  1. Visit the Safe Environment page on the diocesan website to create an account and complete the online training in either English or Spanish.
  2. If you completed VIRTUS in a different diocese you can transfer or mirror your account by emailing a request to the VIRTUS online help desk (  Please include your full name, email address, original diocese and new diocese, your new parish / school, plus a phone number in case they need to contact you.
  3. VIRTUS training is valid for five years.  An online recertification module is required every five years to maintain compliance.
  4. Aside from VIRTUS, child/vulnerable adult protection in-service or online courses from other agencies, employers, dioceses, Scouts, etc., are not valid for compliance in the Diocese of Youngstown.

Authorization & Verification and Acknowledgement Form (Appendix 9)

  1. Visit the Safe Environment page on the diocesan websiteto review an electronic copy of the Safe Environment Policy. 
  2. After you have reviewed this policy, print a copy of Appendix 9.  Both pages must be completed, and the document requires a witness signature for validity.  The witness can be anyone.
  3. The original must be submitted to the Compliance Officer at your parish, school, or institution.  The Compliance Officer will forward a copy to the diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator.
  4. Appendix 9 may not be edited.  If any lines of text are removed, crossed off, or altered, the document is not valid for compliance.

Fingerprinting and Background Checks

  • Visit the Safe Environment page on the diocesan websiteto review our background check requirements, codes, and instructions, a background check location finder, and a list of criminal offenses that automatically disqualify an applicant from working with children or vulnerable adults.
  • A BCI or BCI/FBI background check is required for compliance. In extraordinary circumstances, the Office of Safe Environment reserves the right to alter background check requirements for individuals, unless the requirements are stipulated by the State of Ohio. This includes the right to require background checks from other background check providers besides the Civilian Identification Office.
  • Background checks are valid for five years and must be renewed to maintain compliance.
  • The Civilian Identification Office must send the BCI and/or FBI background check results directly to the Office of Safe Environment at the Diocese.  This needs to be communicated to the person doing the background check: Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, Attn: Office of Safe Environment, 144 West Wood Street, Youngstown, OH 44503
  • If background check results are sent to the wrong location, they are not valid for compliance.  Additionally, background checks completed for other agencies, employers, dioceses, public schools, certifications, etc., or in other States, are not valid for compliance in the Diocese of Youngstown.

Also see: Who needs to be compliant?

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