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Office of Clergy Services

Vicar for Clergy

The Vicar for Clergy is responsible for all matters pertaining to clergy. These include assignments, retirements, serving outside the diocese, leave of absences or sick leave. The Vicar of Clergy serves the bishop in his relationships to the priests of the diocese. The Executive Director assists in the administration of the retired priests program and policy and attends to the needs of senior priests. He also works with the Diocese to complete the processes of Clergy being incardinated into or excardinated from.

Offices under the direction of the Vicar for Clergy include Continuing Formation of Clergy, Priest Personnel, Permanent Diaconate, Vocations and Vowed Religious.

For More Information, Contact:
Rev. Michael Balash
Vicar For Clergy & Religious

To request a letter of suitability (Priests/Deacons/Seminarians only):

Director of Continuing Formation

The Director of Continuing Formation of clergy presents opportunities for clergy to develop holistically. He offers opportunities to celebrate and develop together, and affirms and encourages clergy to continue to grow in their ministry. The office provides opportunities such as the diocesan celebration of ordination anniversaries, days of recollection, retreats and convocations.


Free Webinar Series – “Behold the Lamb”

The Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions will sponsor a FREE Webinar Series entitled “Behold the Lamb” on Wednesday afternoons in May from 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. The webinar series will focus on the newly approved Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery Outside of Mass ritual book.

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Letters of Suitability Required

Letters of suitability are to be sent from one bishop/superior to another. An electronic form is now available online for diocesan priests to request a letter of suitability from Bishop Bonnar.

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The Office of Church Vocations

The Office of Church Vocations shares responsibility for educating the people of the Diocese about their baptismal call to minister to others for Christ. This office directs and supervises activities aimed at fostering priestly and religious vocations in the Diocese. It provides counseling and referral services for men and women inquiring about religious life, the diocesan priesthood or the permanent diaconate.

The Office of Church Vocation conducts vocation awareness programs for adult groups, on college campuses, and for high school and elementary school students. The office also sponsors “come and see the seminary” visits for high school age men considering a church vocation.

Permanent Diaconate Program

The Fundamental Goals of the Permanent Diaconate Program of the Diocese of Youngstown are:

To train and form by study and prayer men who have demonstrated active Church service and leadership for diaconal ministry.

To direct and support the ministry of permanent deacons in the diocese.

To accomplish these goals, the Bishop established an Office for the Permanent Diaconate and a Deacon Formation Program. The program strives to put particular emphasis on the notion of the deacon “as one who serves.”

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