The diaconate is the Church’s pre-eminent sign of the basic mission of all believers to serve others. Deacons give sacramental witness to what makes us fundamentally human; an other-centered responsibility for those in need. Deacons in their active involvement in community, in their outreach to the poor and the marginalized, and in their fostering of the Eucharistic communion of the Church, sacramentalize the Church’s service. The sign of the diaconate celebrates, manifests and makes effective the service of all good people everywhere. Deacons show what service is when it is done in the self-giving love of Christ.

Our Three-Fold Ministry


Deacon as Evangelizer and Teacher


Deacon as Sanctifier


Deacon as Witness and Guide

Could God Be Calling You to Serve?

Deacon William Bancroft holds the chalice during the Eucharistic prayer on Ash Wednesday at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish (Warren)


Deacon William Bancroft, Office of Permanent Diaconate

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