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Call for Recipes! (Bulletin Materials)

The Catholic Echo magazine would like to feature your favorite recipes in an upcoming print edition! All recipes are welcome. We will prioritize recipes for which the Echo staff can find photos to accompany the entries. For more information or to submit a recipe, email

This can run in your bulletin anytime. You may use the Catholic Echo logo from to accompany the announcement.

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St. Joseph Care Center in Louisville to be Sold

Press Release | The Most Rev. David J. Bonnar, Bishop of Youngstown, and Chairman of the St. Joseph Care Center Corporation, announces that the Members of the Corporation have made the decision to sell St. Joseph Care Center, a senior living facility located in Louisville, Ohio.

15 Lay Leaders of Prayer Commissioned by the Diocese of Youngstown

Press Release | Fifteen men and women were commissioned as Lay Leaders of Prayer on November 15, 2023. Leaders of Prayer are lay persons commissioned to lead the faithful in acts of worship which in the past were most often led by the ordained clergy but may also be led by lay people.