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Director of Liturgy & Sacred Music ~ St. Jude & Our Lady of Lourdes, Columbiana / East Palestine

Under the supervision of the Pastor, the Director of Liturgy & Sacred Music is a full-time position that
provides for the appropriate preparation and coordination of all Parish Liturgies as well as being is
accountable for all aspects Music Ministries at Saint Jude Parish and Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

1. Introductory Note

1. The principal duty of all employees is to assist in the mission entrusted by Jesus Christ to the
Church on Mount Olivet to “go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in
the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all
that I have commanded you,” with special attention to the pastoral needs of the Diocese of
Youngstown. The following job description is not designed to cover or contain an exhaustive
listing of all activities, duties, or responsibilities that are required of the employee. Duties,
responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

2. Liturgy

1. Administers a multifaceted liturgy and music program including, but not limited to,
planning, budgeting, scheduling, and timely communication with other liturgical ministers.
2. Creates and maintains Ministry Schedules for both parishes with the assistance of volunteers.
3. Manages and maintaining all liturgical items and sanctuary spaces for both parishes with the
assistance of the Sacristans.
4. Prepares Congregational Worship Aids for liturgical celebrations as necessary.
5. Prepares Celebrant Worship Script & Binder for liturgical celebrations as necessary.
6. Assists the Environment Committees of both Parishes with appropriate Seasonal decoration
so as to enhance the Liturgy in consultation with the Pastor.
7. Holds regular Liturgical Ministry Training Workshops for volunteer Liturgical Ministers.
8. Assists the Director of Faith Formation in the preparation of Sacramental celebrations.

3. Sacred Music

1. Makes liturgical music policies in conjunction with the Pastoral Staff, taking into
consideration Diocesan guidelines.
2. Coordinates and selects all liturgical music for both parishes.
3. Provides music for all Sunday, Holy Day of Obligation, Sacramental, and Funeral Liturgies in
consultation with the Pastor.
4. Develops and maintains a liturgical music library for assembly, choir, cantors, and
5. Hires paid musicians that are not employees for liturgical celebrations as necessary.
    a. This should include all major liturgical solemnities (e.g.: Christmas, Easter, Christ the
    King, St. Jude, Our Lady of Lourdes, etc.)
6. Directs all volunteer choral ensembles.
    a. Develops a Requiem Choir & Chant Schola.
7. Directs all cantors, including training and scheduling.
8. Oversees compliance with copyright law and licensing procedure.
9. Maintains the musical instruments of both parishes.

4. Qualifications

1. Advanced Degree in Music or Liturgy.
2. Must be able to play the organ.
3. Proficient choral director—including the ability to direct from the bench—in a pastoral
4. Experience in administration of music programs, managing organized choirs, and working
with children, youth, and adult volunteers as well as with professional musicians.
5. A thorough understanding of Roman Catholic Liturgical Theology—including familiarity with
the General Instruction of the Roman Missal—and Praxis, with knowledge of the history and
repertoire of the sacred music.
6. Maintain confidentiality.
7. Moral and Committed respect of the Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.
8. Compliance with all Safe Environment requirements as established by the Diocese of
9. Preference for 5+ years of pastoral experience.

Send cover letter, résumé, and three professional references to:
The Rev. Chad E. Johnson
Pastor, Saint Jude & Our Lady of Lourdes Parishes
180 Seventh Street
Columbiana, Oh. 44408




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