Parish History

On February 22, 1979 Saint Louis Church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

In 1824, Reverend John Hill, O. P., came from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Canton to visit families of Nimishillen Township and founded a mission here. By 1834 a parish was begun and the materials for a church assembled on the present site. St. Louis, the beloved Crusader King, was chosen as the patron saint of the new parish. The land where the church sits was donated by Henry Lautzenheiser, the founder of Louisville.

In 1838 it became an established parish, and Reverend Matthias Wuretz became the resident pastor. The new parish consisted of 72 families; forty were French, 20 were German and 12 were Irish.

The initial church building was razed in 1869 and the foundation of the present church was begun. The church bell was molded in France and brought overland from Steubenville. The bell weighs a little over one ton. It was originally housed in a small building which stood between the church and the original parish school. On July 4, 1877 with the help of the “gravel train” many men used ropes, pulleys, and timbers to place the bell in its present day location, the south tower. Over the years, many hands have rung the bell. When the orphanage was across the street, the boys took charge of tolling the bell under the supervision of the nuns.

The church cost $31,000 to build. Father Hoffer raised the money through donations from friends and acquaintances and by selling subscriptions.


300 North Chapel Street
Louisville, Ohio 44641

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Phone: 330.875.1658

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Saturday Vigil: 4:30pm (Oct 15 thru Apr 14)
Sunday: 8:00am
Weekdays: Mon 7:15am Wed 6:30pm

Rev. Robert Miller, Administrator