Communique | September 2023

Young adult bowed in prayer with t-shirt reading "God has created me to do him some definite service." -St. John Henry Newman

Welcome back to school for all students, families, catechists, and staff! We praise God for the Spirit of wisdom to help us recognize and use our God-given talents.

Communique | August 2023

Servers at the 2023 Mass for Servant of God Rhoda Wise at St. Peter's Church in Canton, Ohio. Photo by Brian Keith.

August is full of festivals, fellowship, fundraisers, and food from many international traditions. Celebrate the variety of cultures and communities that make up our Catholic Diocese of Youngstown.

Communique | July 2023

Coronation of the Virgin Mary with Trinity and Saints

Bishop Bonnar offers “faith, hope, and love” as “the answer to our present moment, showing the path through our challenges and grief.” May we continue to grow in virtue together.

Communique | June 2023

2022 Graduation at Central Catholic HS, courtesy of DOY Office of Catholic Schools

From May into June, we celebrate graduations, ordinations, and the 80th Anniversary of the Diocese of Youngstown! We return to the flow of ordinary time, knowing the Holy Spirit will guide us.

Communique | May 2023

The month of May brings opportunities to celebrate our new life through Christ’s Resurrection. Our hearts prepare for the Holy Spirit’s movement on Pentecost, renewing the face of the earth.

Communique | April 2023

Large rock rolled away from doorway of stone save

After 40 days of fasting, we are prepared to begin 50 days of celebration. At the same time, we continue our solidarity with and service to our neighbors in times of poverty in body or spirit.

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