Assignments: Vicar for Clergy and Religious Director of the Diocesan Office of Worship Director of Seminarians Administrator pro tem, St. Patrick Parish (Hubbard) until September 9, 2024 Sacramental Minister, Trumbull County parishes College of Consultors (September 1, 2023 to August 30, 2028)

New Candidates Admitted into Seminary Formation

Vocations for the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown

The Office of Church Vocations is pleased to announce the acceptance of Mr. Jacob Huzyak and Mr. Luke Liptak into Seminary Formation for the Diocese of Youngstown, following the Priestly Formation Board meeting. Mr. Huzyak will attend St. Mary Seminary, while Mr. Liptak will attend Borromeo College Seminary.

Seminarian Interns at the Archives

In May, the Archives Office welcomed new team members for the summer, seminarians Donald Bailey and Jacob Huzyak. Please pray for them as they work at many tasks to help preserve our diocesan memory.

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