Scott Brand


Education Experience: High School – Marlington; College – Youngstown State University, B.E. in Chemical Engineering

Work Experience Prior to entering Seminary:
Alliance City Cemetery, Landscape and cemetery maintenance
Intern for Delphi at the Champion Technical Center in Warren, OH
Office Worker at the YSU Newman Center
Peer Tutor at the YSU Center for Student Progress

Favorite Saint(s):  St. Patrick is my favorite saint because of the way he describes and teaches about the Holy Trinity through the shamrock. Connecting it to today, the 4-leaf clover is considered lucky, and I like that connection between the Trinity and that sense of goodness that comes with luck. Moreover, I like classical, peaceful, and spiritual Celtic music too.

Hobbies/Interests: Run or workout, photography, watch movies, play computer games, or any of these things with brother seminarians.

Family Background:  Both my father and mother are retired from the Hoover Company in North Canton, Ohio. I also have an older twin brother who works as an accountant at the Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority and is engaged to be married May 2016.

What led you to consider the priesthood? Originally, around eighth grade, it was a gut feeling, like it was something that I needed to do. As I went throughout high school and college, that same feeling was always there, but never to the extent that I needed to follow the feeling just at that moment. It was not until around my final year of college that a love for God overwhelmed me enough to actually consider entering the priesthood. It was time. I received this love from listening to Christian music on the radio, attending the National Catholic Collegiate Conference (NCCC)—in conjunction with NCYC—in Indianapolis, and seeing others excited about the faith. I would like to continue bringing that joy to others, follow God’s will for my life, and serve others through this ministry.

Favorite thing about Seminary Life: I really enjoy all of the activities available to grow in brotherhood as seminarians including some community prayer, sports, parties, and fun community night activities on Wednesdays. In addition, we get involved with activities in other parishes around the seminary including vocation talks, pro-life events, and other parish sponsored activities. We do so much more than many people even realize at the seminary.

Advice for guys considering Priesthood: The best advice I can give is to continue praying and even attending adoration once in a while—or once a week if the option is available to you—asking God to show you His will for your life. He will speak to you in various ways, but all you have to do is pay attention and listen for His response. (Which is why quiet time in adoration can be especially helpful) Finally, adding additional prayer time during the day can be helpful as well, keeping God more in the forefront of your mind throughout the day.