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New in the Library: February 2024

Full shelves at the Catholic Diocese library

The Journey to Peace: Reflections on Faith. Joseph Louis Bernardin. Image, 2003. Using the Stations of the Cross as a framework, The Journey to Peace reveals the extraordinary faith, wisdom, and compassion of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. Through these excerpts from his homilies, Cardinal Bernardin helps readers understand the relevance of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection to their own lives, inviting all to join the journey that leads to peace.

Angels and Saints: Who They Are and Why They Matter. Elizabeth Klien. Ave Maria Press, 2023. We often pray with the saints in our Catholic practice or see paintings of angels by famous artists, but who are they really? What do they do? Can they really intercede for us? Throughout the book, Klein answers common questions about the angels and saints in order to give us a deeper understanding and appreciation of the role they play in our lives, the Mass, and in the life of the Church. She also equips us to better discuss with non-Catholics what we believe about angels and saints.

Stories. John Shea. ACTA Publications, 2008. Thirty-five of John Shea’s original stories are collected here  for the first  time in  a gorgeous, leatherette-bound  volume that  readers will  want  to pass down through generations. Timeless stories include: The Antique Watch, The Boy Turned Man, Why Bother? The Father of Ice Cream, The Woman at the Well, and Goin’ Fishin’.

To borrow these or other resources, the library and Office of Faith Formation and Lay Ecclesial Ministry are open for in person visits and consultations 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. You may also visit our website at  24/7. Once you make your selections, you can email the request to We can arrange for your visit, a curbside pick up or direct mailing to your parish.

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