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Appeal Posts (Bulletin Materials)** -NEW

Annual Diocesan Appeal 2024

Catholic Charities and Michael Houy worked together to come up with fifteen bulletin inserts (very small inserts) that provide short facts about Catholic Charities. They would also be applicable for your website, social media, email newsletter, or other parish communications. This is to further promote the Diocesan Appeal and inform parishioners on how their donations are being used. Please find all PNGS in the “Appeal 2024 Bulletin Materials” subfolder in labeled “1 – 15.”

Learn more about the Annual Diocesan Appeal.

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Diocesan Directory Updates -NEW

This printable supplement can be added to the Diocese of Youngstown 2023-24 Directory, summarizing parish collaborations, mergers, and clergy assignments since November 30, 2023.

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Food & Fellowship Spring/Summer 2024 Dates Flyer
Food & Fellowship -NEW

Food and Fellowship was created as an opportunity for youth ministers, campus ministers, and young adult ministers to come together to enjoy casual, ministry-focused conversation, connect with one another, and to share ideas and experiences to continue to improve our ministerial approaches in an ever-changing world.

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