Vote No on Issue 1, November 7

On November 7th, Ohio voters will vote on a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would enshrine and expand abortion. 

As Bishop David Bonnar says in his video reflection (below), “Abortion has been a polarizing issue in our country for over fifty years. Our Catholic tradition has consistently opposed abortion and we have mourned the many lives that have been lost. At the same time, it is important that we accompany by listening to one another. We must especially listen to women and families as they share their experiences and needs.”

The proposed amendment does not put women first, and would actually put women at risk. United with the bishops, dioceses and faithful throughout Ohio, Bishop Bonnar and the Diocese of Youngstown urge you to carefully study this extreme amendment and to vote “No.”

This extreme amendment would:

1. Threaten the health and safety of women
2. Threaten the rights of parents and put minors at risk
3. Allow painful abortions through all nine months of pregnancy

Where Does It Say That? – Click here to learn more: English | Spanish
Uses the actual text of the proposed amendment to show why it is so extreme. 

I am a faith leader, not a political one, and the main way we as the Church respond to the great needs of our times is in the way we live our mission.  As Bishop of Youngstown, I am grateful to our Catholic Charities and parishes throughout our six counties for the concrete ways they accompany women, children, families, and those in need every day.
While I would never, as Bishop, endorse a political candidate, there are times when the Church will weigh in on public matters informed by the Gospel. 
I am urging you to vote “No” on the proposed amendment in November that would enshrine and expand abortion in our state’s constitution.

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Resources from the Catholic Conference of Ohio and Ohio Catholic Dioceses:
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Vote No on Issue 1, November 7

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See Voting Page at Ohio Catholic Conference for dates for early, in-person, and absentee voting, and election day.

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Note: Official Catholic resources are provided by the diocese and U.S. and Ohio Conferences of Bishops (USCCB and Catholic Conference of Ohio). The Church does not engage in partisan politics, and does not endorse or oppose individual candidates, political parties, or groups of candidates, but seeks to focus attention on the moral and human dimensions of issues. 

Information on Holding a Voter-Registration Drive

Do’s and Don’ts During and Election

More resources coming soon, and see also the Voting and Resources pages at the Ohio Catholic Conference.

Resources for Women and Families Seeking Help

Walking with Moms in Need
Walking with Moms in Need is a process through which Catholic parishes and communities “walk in the shoes” of local pregnant and parenting women in need. On this page, women and families in need will be find available resources organized by county, and parishioners will find ideas about how we can take responsibility for walking with moms in need.
Catholic Charities
Every day, through a variety of services, the three Catholic Charities Agencies in the Diocese of Youngstown serve the needs of women, families, and those in need.

Access a guide to Catholic Charities locations and services in each of our six counties, and also a comprehensive "Community Guide" with additional services offered by various organizations in each county.
Project Rachel
During this time when abortion is being debated publicly, we are concerned about those whose life has been affected by an abortion. For those seeking hope and healing, we encourage you to reach out to use through Project Rachel, the Catholic Church’s diocesan-based ministry to those suffering in the aftermath of abortion. For CONFIDENTIAL help, text or call Project Rachel of Northeast Ohio at 330-360-0430 or visit us online.

Photos: Catholic Charities Diocese of Youngstown, and iStock License.