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Our Brand

The Diocese of Youngstown released a new logo in Spring 2023. Please do not use our former logo or signage in coverage, and replace with the new images.

Our brand logo is available in vertical (which is our primary logo) and horizontal (secondary logo) in both jpg and png formats. Exterior signage is installed on West Wood Street and Elm Street with the new logo, and is available for stock photography or videography at any time. If you would like additional stock photos or images of diocesan entities, please contact our Media Relations officer (see details below).

Vertical PNG (Primary) with transparent background

Catholic Diocese of Youngstown

Horiztonal PNG with transparent background

Vertical JPG (Primary) with white background

Vertical JPG (Primary) with white background

Catholic Diocese of Youngstown

Our Bishop

Pope Francis appointed the Most Reverend David J. Bonnar as the Sixth Bishop of Youngstown. He was installed on January 12, 2021.

“That All May Be One” is the Episcopal motto of the Most Reverend David J. Bonnar.

Bishop Bonnar’s official photo

Bishop Bonnar headshot in library

Bishop Bonnar

Bishop Bonnar in white & gold vestments

Bishop Bonnar Close Up

Bishop Bonnar’s coat of arms with motto

Bishop Bonnar in black clerics

Bishop Bonnar in black cassock

Catholic Echo Media Group

The Catholic Echo, is a multi-platform publication and media group that brings together all of the Diocese of Youngstown’s media assets, including its print publication and the Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown (CTNY).

The Catholic Echo icon, logo, and magazine header are available in PNG and JPG formats. For more stock photos or information about the Catholic Echo, contact Editor-in-Chief Katie Wagner at

Echo logo PNG with transparent background

Echo icon PNG with white letter and transparent background

Echo logo JPG on white background

The Catholic Echo: The official magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown

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