World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday, October 19/20, 2024, joins all Catholics of the world into one community of faith, with the theme “Go and invite everyone to the banquet” (Matthew 22:9). We join our Holy Father in supporting his missions. As we pray and respond here at home, we share in those celebrations taking place in every […]

Diocesan Communications Collection

Give generously for the second collection at your local parish during our diocesan appeal on January 6-7, 2024 or give online any time. You may ask yourself, “Why should I give to the Communications Collection?” And the answer is simple: Because the Communications Department exists to serve you. Their various programs—Wineskins and The Catholic Echo […]

Shamrocks for Socks | Catholic Charities

Please consider making a donation to Catholic Charities’ “SHAMROCKS FOR SOCKS” collection during the month of March. For every pair or package of socks donated (or cash donation received for the purchase of socks) we will add your name and county to a Shamrock in our “Field of Green” Display, and share our progress on social media […]

Church Overseas Combined Collection

The Diocese of Youngstown is holding the Church Overseas Combined Collection during the last weekend of January.  This four-in-one collection includes Catholic Relief Services, Holy Father/Peter’s Pence, the Church in Central and Eastern Europe, and the Church in Latin America. The Church Overseas Combined Collection supports ministries of the Church around the globe.  These ministries […]

First Step for Change

Catholic Charities will hold its annual First Step for Change campaign from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, honoring the faith, humility and love it takes to raise a child, and recognizing that many parents lack adequate financial resources for their children.  Funds raised through this campaign assist low-income expectant parents and families with food, formula, […]


church donation box with envelopes

The Diocese of Youngstown will be participating in the Church at Home Combined Collection the weekend of June 1/2.  This important collection supports the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, USCCB Catholic Communications Campaign, and The Catholic University of America/Newman Apostolate.

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