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Category: Communique

Food & Fellowship Spring/Summer 2024 Dates Flyer

Food & Fellowship -NEW

Food and Fellowship was created as an opportunity for youth ministers, campus ministers, and young adult ministers to come together to enjoy casual, ministry-focused conversation, connect with one another, and to share ideas and experiences to continue to improve our ministerial approaches in an ever-changing world.

Priests smiling and singing

Communique | April 2024

After 40 days of fasting, we are prepared to begin 50 days of celebration! At the same time, we continue our solidarity with and service to our neighbors in times of poverty in body or spirit.


Red Bird Ministries (Bulletin Materials)

Red Bird Ministries is a Non-Profit Catholic Grief Support Ministry that guides individuals and couples through the complexity and trauma that happens with the loss of a child from pregnancy through adulthood.


Springs in the Desert (Bulletin Materials)

As a Catholic infertility ministry, Springs in the Desert is more than just a ministry; we are a place of respite, solidarity, and encouragement – wherever you are on the path of infertility, or in the experience of pregnancy loss.


Young People: Are You Scared to Talk about Abortion?

On Saturday, May 18th, Ohio Right to Life, Students for Life of America and Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Toledo are sponsoring an apologetic conference for students entitled “Persuasive Pro-Life” at the St. Thomas More Newman Center at the Ohio State University from 10 am – 2:30 pm.