Catholic Exponent

The Catholic Exponent is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Youngstown and an award-winning member of the Catholic Press Association. We provide “a Catholic Window on the World,” offering news, features and commentary at the diocesan, national and international levels. We also publish special sections on topics of interest to our readers and advertisers.

Mission Statement:   The Catholic Exponent, the newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, exists to instruct, inform and unify the members of the Catholic Church in the six counties of northeast Ohio.   The Exponent shall instruct its readers by presenting doctrinally sound features and editorials which allow readers to grow in the knowledge of the Faith, and to apply Christian principles to the issues of the day.   The Exponent shall inform its readers by an objective and comprehensive presentation of relevant news. We intend to neither highlight the sensational nor avoid the embarrassing. We seek a balance of local news with the news of national and international scope.   The Exponent shall unify Catholics of the Diocese by promoting awareness of news and activities throughout the six counties of the Diocese. We seek also to foster the unity of the local church with the universal church by increasing awareness of the teachings, traditions and practices of our Catholic heritage. At all times in our work we will be guided by the virtue of charity that is characteristic of the followers of Christ.

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